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A DIGITAL BOOK - THE CHESS OF NATURE (#2021ChessStory By Jawolusi O. Solomon)

#2021ChessStory By Jawolusy
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Chess explains a lot about nature. By the matter of fact, humans' daily lifestyles are characterized by moves just like it is in most games. In summary, there are always pros and cons for all humans' actions and their relative inactions.
Have a look at this epic artwork, titled; "The Chess of Nature: Solomon vs. Adonijah Throne-Game." The pencil drawing reflects the power-tussle in the First Chapter of the First Book of Kings. The Biblical narratives was duly accorded with several moral lessons that humans could directly apply for different facets of life. Undoubtedly, God's word is full of endless discoveries, and its beauty is in its discovery...
The short clip accorded with this concept says a lot about the revelations. In short, Chess is more than a mere indoor game, it reflects a lot about humanity.
In sum, the tussle-line for the F7 square was drawn; he who controls the F7 and/or F2 square(s) would always win the game.

Watch the narratives on YouTube

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. (@jawolusy )



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There's something about every Chess gameplay; you'll always learn from every defeat and you'll also learn from every victory. Relatively, ups and downs are quite inevitable in every facet of life, sequel to this notion, amidst the numerous defeats, here are some of my victorious checkmates on Lichess Lobby - just within three weeks.
However, first and foremost, I find it quite pivotal to take few seconds to commend the brains behind the Lichess concepts - reason being that, amidst the "wins and fails" - the platform has been quite educative within the said meantime.
Lest I forget, the most fascinating gameplay I've ever seen on Lichess was Magnus' checkmate on another GM @ 0.03 seconds to timeout; massive respect for that! The experience still lingers, and the moral lessons therein is for humans to appreciate the value of every given second - not to talk of the endless time.
In summary, some of my listed 50+ checkmate moves would undoubtedly serve as a guide to Chess Learners/Players out there; most especially my Queen-Knight Line of Approach (QKLOA) - which I've actually deployed to edge some fast checkmates countless times during previous online/offline games.
Here's a documentary of my 50+ Checkmates' details, perhaps, a timely gift to Chess players out there. Cheers!

The games are well-detailed here >>>
Played and Compiled by Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. - @jawolusy



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Here’s a brief about the Edu-Cultural Work of Art;
#ChessInYoruba is an intellectual pencil drawing that was converted to a digital art. It is also a NETISM Program that was trailblazed by Jawolusy. The educative artwork is a free and open-source e-learning framework for Edu-Cultural Exchange/Development Program via a localized Chess Education; 'bridging the Community-School Knowledge-Gap.'

The pencil-work reflects a chapter of the Chess Of Nature - with the ultimate goal to celebrate the beauty of the indigenous Y'ooba language.
In sum, this multilingual artwork is a localized tutorial on how to play the game of Chess.
The NETISM Author is also a well-seasoned English-Yoruba Technical Translation Service Provider.

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun O.

So Far! So Good!!
Chess In Yoruba Language (Ayoo Seesi Ni Ede Y'ooba) trended on Nairaland Frontpage in 2021; currently having thousands of views on the Forum with massive accolades from the audience.
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In January, 2020, the intellectual pencil drawing came to a limelight after Tunde Onakoya ( @Tunde_OD - The Founder of Chess In Slums Africa) tweeted the artwork on his official handle. Resultantly, the #ChessInYoruba artpiece received several online commendations - far and near!


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Most people see papers, clays, woods, plastics and different grades of fine sands as mere objects. On the other hand, a Metallurgist see them as non-metals. Production-wise, they are regarded as raw materials needed for the value-chain of creatives.
In furtherance of the #ChessOfNature & #ChessInYoruba, here's a conceptual 2D Chess Art that was inspired by God, and afterwards created by the NETISM Author with just a single cardboard paper (within 3 working-days). The symmetric outlook of the Chess' pieces was actualized via the prior know-how of Technical Drawing and with respect to the instincts of automated CAD.

Lest I forget, every Chess game comes with a unique experience; reason being that, the composition of each game-play is simultaneous with its performance.

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. - @jawolusy



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There are 6 pieces on every Chess board, with respect to their point values, namely; the King, the Queen, the Bishop, the Knight, the Rook, and the frontliners called the Pawns. Each piece on board has its own unique characteristics, move(s), and circumstantial response to its opponent's approach. Relatively, all these Chess pieces clearly reflect humans' inner-mind qualities/attitudes based on their ecological response(s).

Breaking it down; a man could choose to be knight-like for a right cause whenever the need arises, although, he is mandated to always tread on a straightforward path at all times by exhibiting the ethos of a Bishop (morality and godliness).
Sometimes, he could choose to be the Pawn (perhaps, washing the feets of his followers despite being the King aboard - that is, extreme humility. And a times, a pawn could exhibit the Christ-like nature by going the extra-miles to pay the price for others).
He could choose to be Queen-like by making multiple steps in all directions (that's the hustling spirit, though, in the right direction this time around). As a practical example, in reference to the dramatic account in the First Chapter of First King, after the C1 Bishop informed the D1 Queen about the purported/would-be King @E8, afterwards, the C1 & the D1 co-strategized the winning-plan, however, the Queen did the major hustling by making most of the moves in all directions to ensure a conquest of the E2 Pawn @ the E8 square.
He could also choose to be the King by taking a step at a time in all directions (that is, patience). For instance, when the D1 Queen informed the King about the self-acclaimed King @E8, afterwards, the King was calm enough to only make one step at a time in all directions, despite the fact that the Queen could make multiple moves. This analogy also explains the reactant theory of matrimony.
The last but not the least, exhibiting the Rooky character of having the most strategic positioning (to see far and near in every situation). However, a man is mandated to only have one place of refuge; it is either via a self-castling or a right castling process.
On the other hand, the chosen form of hue as it relates to humanity is the most important relativity of Chess' moves to beings' daily lifestyles, reason being that, there are pros and cons for every action and inaction.

On a conclusive note, in case you can't deduce so much from this accorded pencil-drawing of mine, Deo-Volente, you might be able get more expositions in the accorded clip.
Watch the video on YouTube via this link >>>

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. ~ @jawolusy



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In the past, several research results have clearly shown that Chess is one of the most technical indoor games.
Hey! Kids learn Chess faster than adults, perhaps, because they have little or no worry at such early phase of growth. Have you ever wondered why most adults couldn't learn how to play Chess? It's because they often find it hard and cumbersome to master the principles of the pieces' moves and their distinct roles.
However, another research result has clearly shown that kids have the intellectual capacity to become great Chess players, not only that, they can easily master the crafts of all the pieces at a tender phase of growth. Peradventure, such kids could grow up with the tactics of "Chess in mind", they could always apply its principles in solving real life situations, most especially, thinking about the pros & cons (opportunities & risks) before taking any step in life, while also having the consciousness that their today's decisions would unavoidably affect their futuristic lifestyles and the outcome of their destinies.

To the 5 types of Nurturers (as stipulated in the NETISM theory), most especially the biological parents, you should always have the consciousness that, in this era, the endless "screen-times" at the disposal of your family are often depriving your subjects of the knowledge of viable indoor and outdoor games - such as football games, hide & seek games, Chess, basketball, drafts, scrabble, and etc. Research results have clearly shown that, whenever kids are at home after school hours, they would rather get their eyes glued on different screens rather than engaging in physical activities or exercises.
Sequel to this fact, you have the obligation to be proactive, most especially in the course of creating a responsible digital culture that suits the uniqueness of your home, have more parent-child physical interactions (guard against technoference), and lastly, you have the obligation to regulate the screen access of your kids/wards by putting necessary rules/policies in place for the usage of different digital gadgets. In summary, it is quite detrimental for a home to have "unlimited screen-times", it might me detrimental on the long run.
To cut the long story short, technology is powerful, much more every digital technology at the disposal of humans is more powerful (reason being that it comes with 2-sides; the endless opportunities and the infinitesimal risks attached), remember, power without control might be detrimental on the long run.
In summary, in this era, parents/guardians should not allow "screen-times" to affect the physical activities of their subjects.

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In conclusion, here's a short ChessForKids Story
- by the NETISM Author.
Watch the narratives on YouTube via this link >>>

Here's the conclusion of the story;

- Against all odds, every child deserves to be educated,
- Education should be localized for more accessibility,
- Education should be simplified for the effectiveness of its purposes.

Written by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon - @jawolusy
(The Chess of Nature is the Author's 6th Book).

Fostering knowledge-substitute for kids via a localized chess education. The Author once said - A child who understands the concept of Chess would surely excel in any field of study. In an attempt to foster a chess-based edu-social inclusion in Africa; here's a Flexible Language-Learning Technology and a Modern Model of Education - Developed by Jawolusy