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The #ChessAnthem of Jawolusy

Yippy Yippie Yo! Yo! Yippy Yippie Yo! Yo! Rook can only move Vertical and Horizontal, Bishop can only make a Diagonal Move, Knight the fighter can move "L" in all Directions, Queen can make multiple steps in all Directions, King can only make one move in all Direction, Pawn can make 1 move or 2 as its 1st step... and take a step at a time in Vertical Direction, Pawn can capture right & left Diagonally. Yippy Yippie Yo! Yo! Yippy Yippie Yo! Yo! - Composed by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon

Fostering knowledge-substitute for kids via a localized chess education. The Author once said - A child who understands the concept of Chess would surely excel in any field of study. In an attempt to foster a chess-based edu-social inclusion in Africa; here's a Flexible Language-Learning Technology and a Modern Model of Education - Developed by Jawolusy