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About the site:
This Simple Web App and its accorded contents (Pencil-Drawings, Videos, Chess-based contents, theories, animations, Letterings, Sounds, Textual Coinages, Yoruba-Chess-Annotations, Work of Arts, Multilingual Translations, Graphics, and many others) were created by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon.
TERMS OF USE: The afore-listed contents are ONLY allowed to be FREELY used for educational purposes, OTHERWISE, an express permission MUST be granted by the Author/Developer via the most viable channel of communication.
THE WEBSITE'S CHOICE OF COLOUR: Aside the neutral black & white outlook, this website's touch of pink reflects Liberal Feminism, perhaps, the superiority of the Chess' Queen (as the most powerful piece aboard), while the King remains the most valuable of all. In sum, the gross power bestowed on the Chess' Queen (at the D-File) is to defend and to sustain the values of her King (at the E-File).

About the Pen-Art:
#ChessInYoruba is an Intellectual Pencil Drawing, which is a chapter of the Artist's book, titled; "The Chess of Nature".
In line with the Author's GIFDASNUM theory, the Artpiece has been converted to a Digital Art Scroll (which is this website you are currently scrolling through).

About the Author:
Jawolusy is a Mechanical Engineer; a sort with the passion for some series of developmental activities...

The conclusion of everything is: Deo-Gratias...

Fostering knowledge-substitute for kids via a localized chess education. The Author once said - A child who understands the concept of Chess would surely excel in any field of study. In an attempt to foster a chess-based edu-social inclusion in Africa; here's a Flexible Language-Learning Technology and a Modern Model of Education - Developed by Jawolusy